Ray’s Hardware

Welly, well, well the little guys finally have a site to voice their computer experiences and solve common problems.
I’m tired of ”this is not a known issue ”or “you’re the only one who has contacted us about this problem… and finding out online that I’m one of hundreds”.
This site is dedicated to the end-user (I don’t even like the sound of the word) and making the industry of computing more responsive to the customers (end-users) needs.

I have suffered many a headache as all computer users/builders do and had no voice when up against the wall of immovable hardware and software vendors.,
I have also had some good luck and this site is not for trashing company’s (bad ones do that all by themselves) it’s for solving problems and hopefully headache relief.
I always say ”when you buy a new car you get an owners manual that tells you to check the oil and what kind of oil to put in etc” as far as I know computer vendor owners manuals tell you next to nothing not even to defragment or empty the trash /recycle bin.
That said look for reviews on amd64 asus/shuttle motherboards I just built a couple so I’ll tell you plain and simple if they work well or not, no sugar coating.
Benchmarks shemshmarks ! I do study benchmarks but …. does it boot, shut down, run cool, can it handle antivirus/spyware scans fast, can it run regular apps like a champ and meet all drive and usb power demands… that is the question.
The picture of me holding my head in front of a computer is real.
That particular motherboard had a keyboard lockout where the ide activity light was supposed to be, so I was locked out of using the keyboard (some server thing as this was a dual processor motherboard) after a day or two of misery my partner found the fix in the manual or the addendum I forget which, that told you they added a jumper above the regular one for the ide activity light. Zing ,zing, zing, I had my keyboard working and was able to finish loading software.
Simple yet not so simple, I guess the moral of the story is don’t give up so easy and read the manual.