2012 summer newsletter

Let’s get whacking shall we!

Whoops! just deleted the whole newsletter ..well 2nd times a charm what a jerky.And begin…

I stopped writing newsletters in about 2007 about that same time I stopped writing altogether.

That was a tough time for your humble narrator ,many many life changes were happening and still are.

The last article I wrote was my big Windows 7 release party where only one F-in person showed up besides my wife,

then girlfriend.

At least I picked a winner with Windows 7 and my wife (although both are a work in progress) Ha ha!

Shortly after that the store closed and the original owner died,cool huh!Jeez!

That was a bad time for computing the great Vista steamy mess ,Leopard,

the fantastic Hp and other company’s laptop failure debacle,the Nvidia lawsuit,

and crappy Chinese logic chip’s and batteries .

Oh and the capacitor plague that is still affecting us ,but slowly fading into the arrow of time.

Well let’s see where we are at …Thank God steve jobs(lower case) is just a book instead of a brilliant jackass.

Windows 8 is almost officially out,thank God again that there are so many freeware Metro disabler’s out now.

The one I’m using on the latest build is “classic shell I believe” from source-forge.

Softpedia has on called ..oddly enough “Windows 8 Metro disabler”.

People are counting Microsoft out again ,even if it’s worse than Me and Vista combined (which it’s not)-

they will make billions yes billions in the first quarter alone.

8 is pretty fast because Aero is no longer sucking the life out of the Vista kernel.

I just read Billy Gates just put up 10 million for GMO crops for Africa,giving them aids wasn’t enough ,

now instead of starving the old fashioned way-

they can wither away with food that mutates itself and is undigestable.

How come when the rich and or corporate governments worry about us they start killing us,please don’t worry about us. O.K.

I digress ,Mac is up to Lion ,I wouldn’t be Lion if I told you some of their religious converts are not happy with some of the –

changes they made to the long standing beta know as the Darwin kernel or the NeXT O.S. or as it’s know to most OSX.

Linux is still creeping along ,Androids are taking over the world and the chrome O.S. is still a work in progress,but I hear good things about it.

I thought Vista was going to be a viable product.. I guess after a few service packs it was,but I didn’t realize how flawed it really was.

Microsoft leaked a secret memo for employees to stop using it (Vista) and use the 7 beta ,while telling the public Vista was Mojave to trick them into liking it ,

What was strange is- they did it in circus type tents like a revival meeting only Mojave was Vista and well just read about how well loved it is.

They say now the desktop is a dying product,I heard they will sell a billion this year alone ,not bad for a product on the verge of extinction.

That’s all for now I have typed this twice like a jerk.

love your humble narrator