And Begin! AMD,MSI major fail!

I bought an AMD 8 core for my wife to build her a rig for ebay.

This is a sad story and is going to take some time to tell.

The MSI board I bought couldn’t power the chip.

Even though It said FX on the box.

The chip itself was over heating internally according to AMD.

Finally after months of buying different hardware and black screens.

I called new egg and they gave me my money back out of warranty.

They whacked me a little ,but I was glad to get most of my money back.

The broshine on the phone said the only reason I was getting my money back-

is that I wasn’t the first caller today- with the black screen issue.

I then bought an older PHENOM 2 chip.

In fact I bought all the PHENOM 2 6 cores 1100T’s I could find.

I see MSI changed the spec for the mobo “only for lower wattage chips”

So I had to buy another chip the lower clocked -locked 2.6 I think It was.

MSI sucks for not saying some of it’s boards have power and heat issues,

even though I buy their boards ,Newegg sucks for stealing some of my money .

And AMD sucks for chips that have thermal issues and bad customer support.

Shipping the 8 core in a press kit with a cherry picked chip ,

water-cooler ,and a belt buckle.

Why did the first runs of the 8 core need a water-cooler,thermal issues.

What a waste of time and money,I love AMD ,but I will wait a while and see

if the next generation of this architecture is better.

Your humble narrator