August 2007 newsletter

Woops way late …sorry.
O.k. let’s keep it simple this month. My gripe this time is the mouse and keyboard and the keyboard and the touch pad on laptops.
They are where the rubber meets the road so to speak in computing and they have to go darn it.
The injuries these input devices cause are terrible. We have a whole slew of new maladies caused by these devices that should not even be happening.
The industry has had plenty of time to get voice recognition down and or touch screens to prevent these problems.
According to lance-vision people in Europe are getting hunch backs from using laptops. Makes it hard to drive the Saab or Volvo I guess…ha ha.
Or how about the epidemic of carpel tunnel syndrome.
To be fair the I-phone and the Microsoft touch desk? Are out or are just coming out and none to soon. We need to get voice recognition going on every computer.
Or touch screens…this has got to stop.
I’ll keep this one to the point and get on to next months…Ray