April 07 newsletter

Dell bashing and what time is it?

Dear Friends welcome to spring.
Turn your computer off and go outside you need the exercise. I know I do.
If you’re a computer barnacle like me you should follow the 20 min rule –
Get up and walk around every 20 min.
Go get a beer or a smoke..haha.
But seriously- computers don’t make you healthy (unless your researching health related issues).
They also don’t save any paper in fact they spew it out in reems.
They also put your personal info at risk.
You are tracked like a criminal, just in case you try anything or just in case you buy anything (for direct marketing purposes).

I just read Mike Dell is back at Dell-Dell appears to still suck-they appear to be an incompetent company.
Try as they may they could not get me a floppy drive for a customers new dell.
They sent me the wrong part twice –the last time the woman insulted me.
She asked me if I went to school like their tech Dave.
I had to tell her look it just doesn’t fit- the drive is a 1/8-inch to big for the opening.
I finally deduced the slot was for a camera card reader, and Dell never intended that space for a floppy as they offer an usb floppy for that model.
The numb nutz at Dell have no clue.
I would not buy a so much as a cable from them. Even though I bought my Mom a laptop from them before the tech wreck and Indianization of their tech support.
They are what are wrong with this country in a nutshell.
Don’t ever try and return a computer you just bought from them they charge a $200.00 restocking fee.

Who is the as*hole in congress that changed daylight savings time, now nobody knows what time it is-because nobody’s computer is telling the right time.
I’m told Mac made the change just fine (unless you run boot camp – then your apple never keeps time) something to do with universal time (Mac /Linux) and local time (Windows).
It seems to me it’s just to make the slaves work longer, now none of us have the right computer time.
I downloaded Microsoft’s clock fix.
When I installed it, it told me I had already installed/applied it.
When people say Microsoft sucks it’s time like these that I agree.
Who is the as*hole in charge of that update, he is a true as*hole.
According to Wikipedia the time change was part of the energy policy act of 2005.
Bush and Lobbyists for this provision included the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, the National Association of Convenience Stores, and the National Retinitis Pigmentosa Foundation Fighting Blindness; lobbyists against included the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, the National Parent-Teacher Association, the Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium, the Edison Electric Institute, and the Air Transport Association. April Fools I say.