Demudi Linux part 2

Demudi Linux part 2-open source rocks.

Lately I’ve been making great strides in Linux.
I suggest giving it a try ,if your up to it.
Find the Distro (the version) that will work for you.
I found Demudi to be the one that worked for me .
It saw my Sata hard drive, which I was worried about and had no problem running on a Amd 64 compatible machine…
But my Plextor drive spun so fast it damaged my first Iso (Cd) during install.
After the second attempt and a second Cd…
I was able to get it (Demudi) to install and see my sound card.
It was not easy, but works good.
I am able to multitrack and edit wave files in Linux- software cost zero, only my time and it does take a little of that.
It works so well-I’m pleased as pie with myself.
I was unable to get 64 Studio to load, so I’m sticking with Demudi.
Jack takes awhile to configure (the program that connects your apps to the sound card) .
I found some things wanted jack running some did not.
That will be your biggest headache if you want do audio.
If your not into sound- there are plenty of others (Distro’s) to choose from.
Give Linux a try….. use a fresh hard drive and give it a whirl.
Penguin Power, Ray

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