August 06 newsletter

Intel strikes back!

Intel and the boys from Israel finally have beaten Amd in the new benchmarks.
After about three years of playing catch up to Amd. …Intel’s Core 2 extreme pounded Amd ‘s best into the ground.
All I can say is it’s about time. Also I notice Intel’s new design looks allot like Amd’s design Hmmm.
Amd also has not really responded to this new threat yet. They seem to be taking a slow and cautious approach. Recently Amd merged with Ati a really good move all around is what I hear. Oddly Amd’s stock is still slightly higher than Intel’s, but not by much.
Intel’s new chip is a dual core – the word on the street is quad core is just around the corner, so I would wait if I were you. There are still problems with dual core nobody really wants to talk about it, but I will.

From what I read the new chips seem have a sync problem (the cores are not working smoothly together) there are about three fixes that address this issue.
Amd’s new Am2 platform (socket 940 that runs Ddr 2 memory) is in place and ready to go.
This new platform and the chips they use are supposed to have reverse hypertheading where multiple cores show up as one core – easier for software developers…Strange, Intel and Amd won’t comment on this matter.
My guess is Amd will drop quad core early or jack up its conservative clock speeds.
If Amd puts out a chip that runs at 3.8 instead of 2.8 look out .It has been holding out slowly increasing clock speeds , but none faster than 2.8 so far.

As far as I know they are still well within thermal limits and they potentially could release some mind numbing fast chips.
I’ll say it again because it needs to be said.
For years lower clocked Amd chips have been compared too much higher clocked Intel chips never on an evenly matched gig for gig basis. Only recently has the field been leveled the clock speeds are very similar now hovering around 2.4 which seems like a thermal sweet spot for both companies.
Intel’s new chip is extremely cool in the temperature dept.
I guess the p4 heat issue became a company priority.
The p4 never really hit four gigs it had reached a thermal dead end.
Well this is a good thing for all of us I suppose and I can’t wait to see what Amd will drop next, this is exciting to watch, but I would also take a wait and see approach before buying any new hardware.
I myself was going to upgrade some of my own computers with a faster cpu maybe a dual core x2, but the single core 1.8 and 2.0 Amd athlon 64 work just fine, I don’t really seem to need a dual core cpu for anything. I’m sure they (dual cores) work fine, but I haven’t ever come close to taxing even the 1.8 single core 939 I’m running.
I cancelled the shopping cart I was working with and decided to just wait and see where this hardware thing is going.
Now it’s – Agp gone, parallel ata gone, sata 1.5 gone, secondary ide gone and its still changing.
It might be a good time to put an older spec box together.
But I would hold off till Vista drops supposedly sometime in Jan.
Thanks to all the major computer magazines for providing some of these sketchy details.
Amd’s media dept. never returned my email – I asked them what they had up their sleeve.

I guess it’s a secret…Oh well Ray.

Demudi Linux part 2

Demudi Linux part 2-open source rocks.

Lately I’ve been making great strides in Linux.
I suggest giving it a try ,if your up to it.
Find the Distro (the version) that will work for you.
I found Demudi to be the one that worked for me .
It saw my Sata hard drive, which I was worried about and had no problem running on a Amd 64 compatible machine…
But my Plextor drive spun so fast it damaged my first Iso (Cd) during install.
After the second attempt and a second Cd…
I was able to get it (Demudi) to install and see my sound card.
It was not easy, but works good.
I am able to multitrack and edit wave files in Linux- software cost zero, only my time and it does take a little of that.
It works so well-I’m pleased as pie with myself.
I was unable to get 64 Studio to load, so I’m sticking with Demudi.
Jack takes awhile to configure (the program that connects your apps to the sound card) .
I found some things wanted jack running some did not.
That will be your biggest headache if you want do audio.
If your not into sound- there are plenty of others (Distro’s) to choose from.
Give Linux a try….. use a fresh hard drive and give it a whirl.
Penguin Power, Ray