April 06 newsletter

Pet veeve’s
Let me start off with a follow up on an embarrassing situation.
Last month I discussed the Rma return of an Asus k8v se deluxe motherboard.
I received the replacement board -installed it and got the same error- a cmos real time clock error.
After some head scratching it dawned on me that the only time the motherboard produced the error or any error for that matter was after I ran the test software.
The test had created the problem….there was absolutely nothing wrong with the motherboard or the motherboard I originally sent back to have Rma’ed.
What would happen was when you ran the hardware test it would pass the first two or three passes than would fail and eventually reset the date in the bios.
The test was randomly writing information to the limited amount of memory allocated for bios info such as the date etc.
Originally when the board failed or I thought it failed ,I bought a Gigabyte board to replace it. That board really did have a problem ..an intermittent boot problem.
Months went by of testing hardware, buying new parts, swapping parts ,etc.
I thought maybe the case had a ground issue.
What a nightmare all because I was trying to be thorough in my diagnostics.
Thank God the customer was a friend if mine and wasn’t upset at how long this was taking.
I upgraded the processor, and memory for him so all this was not for nothing .
Well the computer is up and running and I figure this little exercise in computer building cost me $1500.00 in parts and time, maybe more ,now that I think of it.
I have a saying” computer building is not for the squeamish”.
Sure all you need is a Phillips screwdriver ,but you can do a lot of damage with one of those.
Gigabyte said they replaced the bios chip on the board and that it was repaired,but it looks like the same chip to me with a new sticker on it.I have yet to test it.

I also finally got a response from Abit on the board that had leaky caps(class action lawsuit) they said my model was discontinued, but offered me a choice of 9 different boards to chose from four Amd socket A’s or five early p4 boards.
Kinda neat… I get to shop without it costing me any money.
Abit was forced to do this, but they are taking responsibility for their products.

Just one more thing this month…. Intel’s new marketing slogan is V I I V, some magazines said it rhymes with” peeve” other magazines said it rhymes with” thrive”.
My uncle pointed out the obvious that I missed, they are roman numerals ,it’s pronounced 64.
Well I’ve never been the brightest bulb on the tree.
Enjoy the spring .Ray2

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