December 05 slammer newsletter

Problems, problems, and more problems.
Some things I have to get off my chest,
First the bad capacitor issue… during the late 90,s till about 2003ish poorly made capacitors snuck their way onto many motherboards and some consumer products.
My first problematic computer may very well be one of these models, how can I put this- it just never worked right.
I have other boards from that time period that just stink out loud, just not working right.
This is a huge problem and the manufacture’s of these turds are only fessing up under court orders shame on them, sham on us.
We suffered with those miserable boards thinking the whole time that maybe we were missing something …yeah it was quality control.
Motherboard makers get off too easy, they have less than spectacular support and scant misspelled confusing manuals, I understand the language barrier, but have you ever looked at a bios… even experienced brainstorming mega nerds don’t know what some of those settings mean.


Next nforce3 chipset/ide/raid issues, I’m running into some compatibility problems with various boards…Most disturbing was a compatibility issue with one model of lite-on dvd drive #SHOW-1693s.
I just won’t work on ide 2 on the nforce driver, it will work with a usb external ,and the windows driver, go figure, even their beta firmware update did nothing for this incompatibility.
Maxtor drives also have issues with the nforce drivers there is a firmware update from maxtor, but it slows the drives down.Western Digitals seem a little better.
Also I have had to replace some Syncrosoft usb key (software security) dongle’s with ones that are nforce3 compatible (although they seem like they don’t like any chipsets I’ve used with them.)
The nforce is kind of like a work in progress and has some usb issues.
It is fast and being adopted by the industry, let’s hope they are ironing out these issues with the next rollout of nforce 4.
Last word on nforce3 study the memory requirements for your motherboard, you might find memory limitations of 2 to 3 gig and strange dimm configurations.
Remember Xp pro supposedly has a memory limitation of 2.5 gig.
Last one, I came across an old gateway built in their hey day it had a Pentium processor 250mhz I believe, 32 meg of ram an a and b drive, Cd etc.
It was running win 95 …What a well made, still working10 year old, fast computer it’s menus opened as fast or faster than some of the hot rods I have seen, what does that say about the industry today …slow is what we want! The machines we run now are giants compared to that old gateway yet the computer environment is eating up all that horsepower, computer’s today should be a blink, a flash compared to that Gateway, but alas they are not.
I heard gateway has a lot of repairs nowadays according to consumer reports and the Ups guy, focusing on big TV’s rather than, computers that last 10 years.
As a starting point, good hardware is what it’s all about, if that never happens ,then all other problems (software) are suspect.
This industry has a lot of spainin to do Lucy.
Love, Ricky