December 06 newsletter


Microsoft’s Vista is said to only allow a couple of installs (one upgrade)- than the license is no good.
What the…. they are going to have a hard time selling that one.
Microsoft is very unclear as to what justifies an upgrade; so DIY and independent system builders who upgrade allot are possibly going to be the losers.
Let’s say you upgrade your motherboard or your computer gets infected with malware.
Two loads is nothing, heck, sometimes during an install-security software (or any software for that matter) or hardware drivers can damage a registry and require a reload.
This will hurt the enthusiast market already under attack/ being bought up and beat up by big companies. {HP just bought Voodoo computers; Dell acquired Alienware a while ago}.
God I hope Steve Jobs has one of his I pod pep rally’s and tells the world leopard will run on IBM /Dell style peecees.
That would take some wind out of Microsoft’s “sales”- they (Microsoft) are still very arrogant if nothing else.
Vista is said to cost from $200 to $400 dollars.
OSX tiger is under $140.00. Leopard is not out yet as far as I know and the price has yet to be announced.
Next topic, Mac and Windows sh*tty video performance…
Microsoft and Apple should be ashamed…at the lack luster video performance of Apples Quick time and Windows Media player.
Both are bloated programs that barely work right.
First they are choked with DRM (digital rights management).
Second they have trouble with even the most basic media files.
It wasn’t till I loaded the free Quick time alternative that I finally got allot of files to play right. To be fair this issue was on a Windows machine. Hats off to Bernie for finding it online.
We suspect the files that won’t play are probably DRM free and that’s possibly why they won’t work right. They have to have their hooks in everything at all costs.
Lastly, Dell is already selling computers saying they are Vista ready, but not including enough graphics power or memory (ram) to handle Vistas new Aero GUI.
256 MB on the graphics card or shared and 2-gig memory is what I recommend.
Something’s never change.
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas
Bad elf.