Creepy Companies ?

O.k. It’s October and time for the October newsletter.
This month’s topic will also be on CPU’s and wild Mac rumors.
Here’s what’s supposedly in the pipeline.
I read an article that said Intel might actually buy Apple, not just make their chips.
Intel is reportedly unhappy with Microsoft for some reason, some say it’s a lack of innovation and endless foot dragging on their (Microsoft’s) new OS “Windows Vista”.

I myself am under-whelmed by Win Xp’s performance (Microsoft’s current offering), I prefer Win 2000 Sp 4 for less strenuous tasks and service pack 2 for Xp is a clunker for sure.

I read in the Economist that Al Gore is on the board of Apple.
Apple is not such a small company anymore now…is it.
Apples OS X is supposed to be ready for the Intel PC platform= Mac OS X on your Windows box ?,still a big maybe.
To see PC’s supposedly running O SX click on this link!
I have never been blown away by the Macs crappy interface (just try and find something on the hard drive or a basic list of applications), I guess OS X’s spotlight has helped this problem a little.
The good thing about OS X is it’s Unix command line that the Mac shell sits on, I’m told it allows you to run Linux/Unix style apps, like Open office and a plethora of others right from your Mac.


A quick unrelated note:
I want so much for the Linux platform to evolve into the Win/Mac killer but for now its hardware and multimedia support are not so great. {Linux freaks don’t email me and tell
me what your Linux computer can do, I believe you.}

Intel engineer Jonathan Douglas supposedly admitted Intel rushed the dual core chip out the door, where as Amd designed it’s 64 chips for dual core right from the get go. I remember reading an article that had a quote from a pompous Intel spokesman saying the AMD 64 chip offered no significant architecture change and they were not threatened, this was all happening while the 64-chip release date was being pushed back and the p4 was king.
Well things have changed and Intel is playing catch up.
Oh how I love to see a pompous snooty company eat their words.
Bon appetite Sintel. at least for now.

Remember kids, right now dual core is like hyper-threading, most of the time it slows you down!!
It is supposed to be good for multi-taskers (where have I heard this before?)….
I read crap like” surf and burn cd’s at the same time”, we can do that now, but I would never do that myself. (I’m a big fan of not disturbing a burn), I have heard this bullsh*t before from Intel and other writers.
This one is killing me-“When the software writers eventually write for this it will be great”. -Yeah well right now it ain’t sh*t.
The benchmarks prove it!
Dual core, hyperthreading and dual CPU’s slow down single application performance..
Case closed till further notice.

And by the way no I don’t work for Amd and have a bone to pick with them on a few issues,
but over all my biggest complaint with both manufactures is raw clock speeds seem to be getting slower .The new chips are more efficient but slower in raw speed.1.8 and 2.0ghz come on where’s the balls?
The industry was promising 5 and 12 gig chips by now.
A matter of fact all hardware seems stalled right now, I know that’s not true, but sure seems that way.

Well that’s all folks ..And stay tuned, I’ll be flame throwing at a few software company’s soon and I ain’t gonna be nice (am I ever?)…. Not this time.
I have had it with these company’s not doing their job and not taking care of their loyal customers.
I will be fair but merciless. Boo! Happy Halloween… Ray

Special thanks to Maximum pc, Smart computing and the Economist for some of this hot gossip.